Our Service Guarantees

  • Diagnosed in 7 days or it’s free! We guarantee to diagnose your machine within one week or your estimate is free.
  • 30 Day labor Guarantee. If you have the same software problem, within 30 days of your repair, we’ll diagnose and fix it with no additional labor fees.
  • 90 Day Parts and Labor Guarantee. If your repair involves Apple replacement parts, both the parts and the labor are guaranteed for 90 days from the date of the repair.
  • Service is first come first served. Diagnoses are usually within 48 hours. Exceptions are as follows:
  • All customers who purchased a computer from us are given ‘Priority Service’, which means their service job moves ahead of all other non-priority service repairs and guarantees a diagnoses within 2 business days
  • In some special cases, when we feel we can accommodate the work and the customer has an urgent request, the service department may allow a Rush Order. An approved Rush Order puts the machine on the bench “next” for immediate diagnosis. It does not guarantee a completion date.


Rates and Fees

Computer Repair

  • Diagnose $40- charge goes toward repair cost
  • On-site Repair* $80/ hour (1 hr min)
  • Overtime Labor $120/ hour (After 5pm, weekends and Holidays)

* Trip charge applies

Other Services

  • Computer training* $60 /hour
  • Computer Installation* $20 per CPU
  • On-Site Computer Cleaning* $15 per CPU / $20 per printer
  • File Recovery $80/ hour
  • File Transfer $5/file or $80/ hour (whichever cost is lower– 1/2 hr min)

* Trip charge applies

Trip Charge for on site service, pick up, or delivery

  • Local travel $30, includes all of Columbia and Jefferson City. Addresses outside the local area add $1.50 a mile after 20 miles (Distance calculated from